Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C

Expertise in working with those dealing with relationship issues, trauma and addiction.



Welcome to the practice of Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C focusing on individual, couples therapy and family therapy, with expertise in working with those dealing with relationship issues, trauma and addiction.

About Arielle Seidler

We come to therapy when we reach a point where how we are engaging in our lives no longer feels tenable. This can include how we are engaging with friends, family, work, and even ourselves. It can be a hard decision to start therapy and can feel even harder to find a clinician who feels like the right fit for you.

My goal as a clinician is to develop a deep understanding of what is bringing my clients into my office, where and how they are feeling stuck, help them heal the parts in them that create cycles that are no longer serving them, and support their integration of this work into their present life.
As a Gestalt therapist, I bring a unique blend of warmth, insight, and directness to my practice. I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for change and empowerment and my approach is collaborative and I take very seriously the importance of encouraging clients to explore their present experience fully and to experiment with new ways of being.
In my professional training, I have extensive experience working with individuals struggling in relationships, trauma and addiction. I have worked and continue to work in a clinical role as well as a supervisor, consultant and trainer for various organizations.

Arielle Seidler, LCSW-C

Credentials & Specializations

  • Master of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania, 2013
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Clinical (LCSW-C)
  • Board Approved Supervisor – Social Work, Counselors, Substance Use Disorder Counselors
  • Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, 2019
  • Experiential Training Institute, Onsite, 2023

Services Offered

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Adult Family Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision/Consultation
  • Trainings on Gestalt Therapy, Addiction Treatment, Family Recovery and more

Approach to Therapy

I am a trained Gestalt therapist and received my training from the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia. Gestalt therapy is a holistic approach that emphasizes awareness, personal responsibility, and the integration of mind, body, and emotions. Therapy sessions focus on increasing awareness of feelings, thoughts and behaviors in an effort to increase insight and lead to spontaneous growth. This approach is very process-oriented, meaning that therapy will focus not only on the “what” that is impacting clients but also on the “how”. This allows the client to develop deeper understandings of underlying dynamics and patterns that contribute to present difficulties.

Gestalt sessions can include a variety of clinical interventions ranging from talk therapy to experiential modalities designed by the client and the therapist to support client’s exploration of different aspects of themselves and their relationships.

Personal Life & Motivation

Born with an innate curiosity about human behavior and a deep empathy for others, I discovered a passion for psychology early in life. As a child I often fell into being the person my friends turned to for advice and support and I remember my parents often joking that I would be a therapist one day. True to my nature, I rebelled against the idea and went to school to study politics but, after a series of experiences and lessons, I found my way back into the world of psychology and therapy.

After completing my undergraduate degree at University of Pittsburgh, I went on to obtain my graduate degree in social work at the University of Pennsylvania. From there I worked in community mental health in Philadelphia and then moved to Baltimore where I worked for many years as a therapist at a highly reputable addiction treatment program in the Towson area. While there, I recognized the need for more intensive family services and had a large role in developing, implementing and running their family programming. I continued my growth there as a I moved into more supervisory positions and, ultimately, the clinical director position.

Outside of my practice, I am a mother to two children, I am a partner, and, when I find the time, you can find me at a local CrossFit gym.

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